We currently have 4 breeding females:

Daisy-She is a F1 miniature Goldendoodle that we use to breed for F1B miniature Goldendoodles.  She is always bred to either Chief or Boomer.  She is a very calm, gentle dog with a great, loving personality.  She does not know a stranger.  She is approximately 22 lbs.

Riley-She is an English Cream Golden Retriever.  She has a very calm, relaxed is position.  She loves to play fetch with the kids.  She weighs approximately 65 lbs.


Sugar-Sugar is our most gentle Golden Retriever.  She comes running up to you and just lays at your feet.  She could play fetch for hours.  She weighs approximately 70 lbs.

Lilly-Lilly is the daughter of Chief and Riley.  She is an F1 miniature Goldendoodle that will always be bred to Boomer for miniature F1B Goldendoodles.  She is full on energy and loves to run and play.  She weighs approximately 24 lbs.